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Be a permanent presence on your clients’ phones

Having your own firm app available for download is a great way to really impress clients and prospects. It also provides an easy way for people to share your details with each other and refer new business your way.


The app is available for Apple, Android and Windows, and is full of handy tax features all kept up to date for you, including:

  • Tax calculators
  • Key tax rates and allowances
  • Essential tax-saving tips
  • Latest news
  • Tax dates and deadlines – which can sync with the phone’s calendar
  • Links to cloud portal software
  • Mileage logger
  • Expenses tracker


Initial set-up fee of £999+VAT and then a monthly maintenance fee of £50+VAT.

We also provide a 'How to promote your tax app guide', containing everything you need to successfully market your app including personalised marketing material, and much more.


Prices From £999.00