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Building brand awareness for your firm may help to boost your sales, and potentially your profitability. In this blog piece, we explore some of the ways in which you can effectively market your firm.

  • Send out press releases

Sending press releases to local media could provide opportunities to promote your firm amongst businesses and individuals within your community. Your press release could cover a range of subjects, and take the form of an interview, article or column piece.

An effective press release should report on a focused news item. You may wish to include information on any new employees, or details about seminars that you intend to hold. Alternatively, you might want to outline changes to the management team, or highlight a new service. Whatever you do decide to write on, ensure that your press releases are engaging, as editors will only publish your piece if they judge the content to be of interest to their readers.

  • Distribute a firm newsletter

Never underestimate the power of a well-written, informative newsletter. Such a document containing useful business and taxation news and updates may prove to be a highly effective marketing tool, which can be read and appreciated by clients and prospects alike.

Your firm may benefit from sending a newsletter to clients: a detailed newsletter could help to increase your brand recognition within your local business community. Adding a personal touch to your newsletter will help to endear clients to you as a firm – we suggest keeping your lead article relevant and interesting, perhaps featuring information on practice news, updates or events.

Practice Track’s personalised quarterly newsletters are ideal for distributing to your clients and prospects. Choose between Business Matters and Tax Matters and a PDF or printed version, and edit or replace the lead article with one of your own. Discover more here.

  • Hold a seminar

You may wish to hold a seminar on important tax, accountancy or business issues, such as the introduction of Making Tax Digital or the General Data Protection Regulation. As an accountant, you deal with personal and business financial issues daily, so you are likely to know which topics your clients will be interested in learning more about, and which they require advice on.

Ensure that your seminar agenda is entertaining as well as informative – you don’t want to overload your clients with information, or risk boring them!    

  • Ensure your website is visually stimulating and up-to-date

In these modern times, having an up-to-date and visually appealing website is essential. The ideal accountancy website will have two areas: a public area, and a members-only area. It is a good idea to market your services within the public area, and provide your existing clients with access to unique factsheets and resources in the members-only area.

Your website should present your full range of services, for all types of clients. A well-thought-out website can help to attract new customers, and will serve as an online business card for your firm. The most successful websites are those that are mobile-responsive – ones that adjust to the screen size that it is being viewed on, whether it be a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.    

Practice Track Online creates bespoke responsive websites exclusively for accountants in the UK. Our sites include tailored design, copy, client content, search engine optimisation and ongoing customer support, all from just £149+VAT per month. Find out more here.

  • Think outside the box when it comes to marketing

Your marketing and promotional materials should be interesting and original. We advise setting aside creative time with your staff each month to generate fresh new marketing ideas.

In these modern times, it may not be enough to simply send out the same tired email or mailer. If you are looking to send out a marketing mailer in the post, consider intuitive ways through which you could grab the attention of your desired audience: perhaps you might send your letter inside a bottle, or, if you are offering a time-sensitive discount, you could consider sending a small watch alongside the letter – something that will make your promotion stand out amongst the competition!

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